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Is a dream job really possible?

By October 8, 2019 2 Comments

There is an awful lot of pressure these days around the role work plays in our lives. It feels like it’s not enough to find a job that earns us money – we need to find a job that we love. It’s all about following your dreams and reaching for the stars. But is the ideal of a dream job really attainable? This article looks at that question from different angles, and talks to a career switcher, a happiness consultant, a professor and a writer. We learn that the definition of a ‘dream job’ is different for everyone. Some value having a good work-life balance more than having a job with a lot of status or a large pay check. And for many, happiness is not solely dependent on being successful at work. Chasing that ‘dream job’ is something you can spend your whole life doing. But maybe what we need most is to see through this illusion and carve out or own path to fulfilment.

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Do you believe finding a dream job is possible?


About Easywalker

This year, we’re celebrating our 30th anniversary… There’s no denying it: we really are adults now. For a company like us, this milestone feels extra special. We know that we are reaching this phase of life along with many mothers and fathers – and mothers and fathers to be – who use our products. And as we grow together, all kinds of expectations and questions arise. Questions that relate to parenting, work, love and friendship. Easywalker wants to start the conversation on these topics. That’s why we have teamed up with experts in the field, and with mothers and fathers from all over the world. We are eager to share what we’ve learned with you, and we invite you to share your story with us. Leave a comment below or visit our homepage for more interesting topics related to work, love and friendship.


  • Avatar marc says:

    I believe you should find a job that your are happy with, that you like doing, that gives you energy and an opportunity to grow and learn.

    What is a dream job? A hobby that you can make money with? I think that comes closest to what it is. If you think that a job should always be fun, than you need to wake up, if you think you are entitled to something, wake up.
    You need to work hard, grow, make mistakes, do stupid annoying tasks, listen and learn and enjoy it as much as possible,

    Your job is your gateway to your freedom. It pays for your dreams, it is nice to have a job you get energy from and that you can enjoy, but the real reward comes from the freedom it creates when you are not at your job.

  • Avatar Axel says:

    I think an important aspect of defining a job a ‘dream job’ is the cause or purpose of the company you work for. If that purpose aligns with your personal values in life then you are more motivated, more energized and more willing to set short term job rewards like salary or esteem aside. That way you are intrinsically attached to the job, causing resilience and positivity, instead of being demotivated when things don’t go as imagined. Cheers!

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