Life is glorious. Let's go.

There are many ways to walk through life. We can stroll, wander, hike or meander. Whether you go far or stay close to home, feel the freedom of going out and enjoy every adventure - big or small. The world starts at your doorstep. We invite you and your family to Walk Together with us.


Easywalker was founded in Amsterdam by René Floore in 1989. He left his job at the butchery of his father to develop the first three-wheel stroller in Europe: the
Easywalker Classic.

With this award winning three-wheel stroller René completely changed the view of parents on baby strollers. The stroller did not only become suitable for all terrains and for running, but it also became an object of desire. And also men wanted to walk behind it!

After its introduction, the brand rapidly expanded from The Netherlands to surrounding countries like Belgium, Germany and France.

Still based in Amsterdam, we now serve happy parents in over 42 countries and still work in accordance with the philosophy of René, back in 1989: “thinking forward and life loving”.

We pride ourselves in making products that are easy to use, cleverly designed and of course highly comfortable for kids and parents. That’s how we Walk together at Easywalker.

Enjoy your ride with us!

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